Friday, July 8, 2011

Death, a p.s.

Don't you think there are two kinds of people out there? Those who've looked death in the eye, and everybody else? And if you're questioning that polarity, doesn't that place you in the latter? Enjoy your error.


  1. Hi David, I think about this question a lot and have often thought (out of my personal and professional experiences) that indeed direct experiences of death divide some of us from others of us in some significant way. I'm interested to hear more about your thoughts on this, and happy to share mine.

  2. A year or two after my father died, our next-door neighbor died in a car accident. At his funeral my mother sobbed uncontrollably. Was she mourning her own loss or that of our neighbors'? Who can separate one's own pain from the pain of the world? The world is full of pain, life is full of pain. I guess I think that it's as if one's own loss unlocks the door to that hidden realm of hurt.